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Do you want to fuck me Tony?" I asked. He asked if we could repeat it - I said I would think about. Later in the afternoon, while I was sitting on the beach wearing my bikini, Chris came and sat next. Not knowing exactly what to do, I just started to lick. That and the juices that were dripping out of my wet cunt and gently, very gently, he slid a finger into my virgin ass hole. "Right, it's about time you two stripped!" I said. Then as it was still oozing out, he used his dick to rub his cum into my nipples. I danced with both of them. I tried to keep my legs tight together. Chris took his turn at fucking. Then opening my legs wide, he started to lick and kiss my smooth pussy, darting his tongue into my wet cunt. To be truthful, I probably encouraged them too much. "Yes please Lisa, suck on my dick" he groaned. You've been begging for it all night, tell us you want it Lisa, tell us you want us to fuck you!" "No!

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